Conference Bidding Guidelines

The intent and purpose of the Conference Bidding Guidelines is to outline the eligibility, criteria, and procedures for bidding to have the honor of hosting the annual NACA conference.

  1. Timing
    1. Conference sites will be selected two years in advance. For example, in 1999 the conference site for 2001 will be selected.
    2. Groups interested in bidding to host a conference should contact NACA staff with a letter of intent before March 1 of the year in which they intend to bid. Bids will be presented to the general membership at each annual conference.
    3. Preliminary advertising for intent to bid may begin one year prior to the official bid.
    4. If no bids have been made for conferencing, the newly elected board of directors will determine whether a conference will be held and, if so, pick a site that will meet as much of the criteria as possible.

  1. Eligibility
    1. Any Ambassador group desiring to bid on the annual conference must be a member in good standing for a minimum of one (1) year, and
    2. Any Ambassador group desiring to bid on the annual conference must have been in attendance at a minimum of one (1) annual NACA conference in accordance with the by-laws.

  1. Bidding Process
    1. A presentation not to exceed twenty (20) minutes will be made by the prospective host communities. This will include the following information as a minimum:

a. Approximate population of the host city

b. Description of the proposed conference facility

(1) capacity of assembly area

(2) Number of and capacity of meeting rooms

(3) The facilityâ€"s capability for handling meals/receptions

(4) Legality of serving alcoholic beverages

(5) Internal communications and audio/visual presentation capabilities

c. Accommodations

(1) Number of hotel/motel rooms, rates, and potential discounts available

(2) Number of RV parks in the area, services offered (i.e., full or partial hook ups, internet, A/C, etc.), and rates/discounts

(3) RV maintenance capability in the area

(4) Proximity to the conference facility from both hotel and RV park

(5) Ability to transport to and from the conference facility and shuttle service to long-distance land or air service terminals

d. Commercial dining facilities

(1) Number of restaurants

(2) Proximity to the conference facility and accommodations

e. Transportation

(1) Nearest airport that is served by major airlines & which airlines fly into it

(2) Nearest airport that is served by "feeder” airlines and which airlines fly into it

(3) Nearest interstate bus service terminal

(4) Automobile rental services availability

(5) Cab service or other public transportation availability

    1. An optional song, skit, or similar activity may be performed as long as the required and optional presentations combined do not exceed the twenty minute time limit.
    2. The host city will be responsible for timing the presenters.

  1. Suggested additional elements
    1. Advertise and promote your desire to bid for the conference on the NACA website
    2. Staff a display booth at the conference that advertises and promotes your community

  1. Voting Process
    1. Following the presentations by all bidders, all current members of NACA who are present at the conference may cast one (1) vote for the prospective host community of their choice.
    2. Ballots will be distributed by NACA staff and board members, who will insure that only eligible members vote.
    3. Ballots will be collected by NACA staff and board members and will be canvassed by the staff & executive committee of the board of directors.
    4. The winner will be announced to the membership by the president of the board.

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