Conference Hosting Guidelines

The intent and purpose of NACA Conference Hosting Guidelines is to provide a clear understanding of the responsibilities of a host Ambassador group and what NACA provides for the conference.

  1. The NACA board of directors has the final approval of the following:
    1. Date of the conference (preferably set at the board meeting held at the prior yearâ€"s conference, i.e., 2008 date is set at the 2007 mid-year board meeting)
    2. Subject of workshops (the board should give guidance on this)
    3. Budget, agenda, and related activities
    4. Conference registration fee
    5. Conference logo for all materials, including conference pin

  1. The mid-year NACA board meeting will be held in the host city at the host cityâ€"s expense, to include meeting room and refreshments (does not mean full meals)

  1. Hosting Ambassador group will be responsible for the following:
    1. Conference liaison to represent host city at the NACA board meetings and in required correspondence with NACA.
    2. A proposed budget, agenda/schedule, and speakers list (to include credentials/bios) presented at the mid-year board meeting just prior to conference.
    3. Conference mailing to all members in database with registration information
    4. Finalized budget, to be mailed to the NACA office 30 days prior to conference date (electronically preferred, i.e., e-mail).
    5. Space in conference program brochure for placing the board of directors, NACA history, past conference locations, past presidents list, charter members, lifetime members, and bylaws.
    6. One meeting room (that will accommodate at least 20 people) for board meetings held at conference, preferably within the host hotel or conference location.
    7. As per the by-laws, provide/pay for a room for NACA President during Conference (if they are unable to get the room comped.)
    8. Manning the conference registration table.
    9. Space for table & chairs to house the NACA booth and store.
    10. One room to accommodate the Silent Auction, and an auctioneer for the Live Auction
    11. Equipment and services for a minimum of 8 hours of educational sessions, i.e., audio/visual, projector, screen, etc., and completion certificates for each session.
    12. Program time for NACA business to include a welcome by the NACA President, and a general session.
    13. A return of $25 to NACA for each conference attendee (it is recommended that you build this into your registration fee).
    14. List of registrants attending, provided both pre-conference and post-conference. The list should include: name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, email address and shirt size. Post-conference list is due within 30 days of end of conference.
    15. Post-conference financial report and monies due to NACA are to be sent to NACA within 30 days of end of conference.
    16. Evaluations forms to each conference attendee.
    17. A photographer for both the Pin Exchange (individual group pictures) and the Group Photo.

  1. NACA will assist the host Ambassador group as follows:
    1. Promote, support, assist, and encourage host Ambassadors
    2. Provide guidance as to the subject of the conference workshops
    3. Provide written ballots for election of directors
    4. Provide written ballots for site selection
    5. Will collect and retain all ballots and evaluation forms when completed

  1. All conference material must include the NACA logo, which should be obtained from the NACA staff. This includes pins, registration forms, programs, and advertising or promotional materials.

  1. Registration forms must denote whether a registrant is or is not a member of NACA. Non-members will be charged a minimum of $30 more than members.

  1. Host group is encouraged to keep a historical record of their conference, i.e., scrapbook, photo album, power point presentation, etc. NACA will reimburse up to a maximum of $100 for expenses incurred, with receipts provided.

  1. Any problems encountered by the hosting Ambassador group regarding arrangements must be brought to the attention of the NACA staff (i.e., administrative director, administrative assistant). If a host group is unable to fulfill its obligation after being awarded at the conference, the board of directors will contact the alternative site bidder. (Staff is to retain all ballots.) Every effort will be made to inform the membership of any changes of the site as soon as possible.

The National Association of Chamber Ambassadors provides an avenue for Ambassadors to have the opportunity to exchange ideas, strengthen existing Ambassador groups, assist in forming new Ambassador groups, and provide educational materials and opportunities through the Annual Conference.

NACA does not and will not dictate to the host Ambassador group any policy that is in conflict with the host cityâ€"s Chamber of Commerce.

Open communication is a MUST!

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