NACA Membership

Membership in the National Association of Chamber Ambassadors is open to all persons who are members of any of the following:

Membership in NACA is only $35 per year, per person! If all ambassadors in your group join, you qualify as a 100% Group - you receive a discounted membership fee AND a link on our website! As a member of NACA you will receive the following:

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Download the membership application, complete and return to our offices.

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New Members
Membership Renewal

*Pay your membership online with
PayPal secure servers.


*Renew your membership online with
PayPal secure servers.


*A PayPal account is not required for this transaction. Major credit cards accepted. Please download, complete and return your membership application form if you are a new member.

Lifetime Membership

All Lifetime Nominations must be supported with written factual information by the annual deadline. Nomination forms are available through the NACA Office or you may print your own by downloading the form. Requirements for Lifetime NACA Membership are:

  1. Continuous membership in NACA for a minimum of 10 years
  2. Attendance at five (5) conferences within ten (10) years, not including the one at which the award is given
  3. Service on the NACA Board of Directors for at least one full term
  4. Payment of a one-time fee of $250 prior to induction; no annual dues required thereafter
  5. May be approved by the Board if the nominee has met requirements 1, 2, and 4, and has contributed to NACA in an exceptional manner
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