History of the NACA

The National Association of Chamber Ambassadors (NACA) was founded by the M-Squad, the Chamber Ambassadors in Midland, Texas, in 1986.The M-Squad examined the need to network with and render cooperative support, information, and education to other Chamber Ambassador groups.

With this goal in mind, the M-Squad extended an invitation in the area to the first meeting of the Chamber Ambassadors. In May of 1987, members of ambassador groups, welcoming committees, and public relations groups from three states that represented a total of eight Chambers of Commerce met with a common goal: To share knowledge and ideas, and to educate and strengthen their respective groups. This remains NACA's number one goal today!

From this meeting, the Association of Chamber Ambassadors (ACA) was formed. In 1994, the ACA became the National Association of Chamber Ambassadors, Inc. (NACA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Our purpose today remains unchanged. We assist Chambers of Commerce in establishing ambassador groups; strengthening existing ambassador groups by providing education, materials, and information; and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas between ambassadors. NACA works to accomplish these goals primarily through relationships and shared resources.

ACA/NACA Past Conference Locations
1987 Midland, Texas
1988 Odessa, Texas
1989 Alamogordo, New Mexico
1990 Santa Fe, New Mexico
1991 Arlington, Texas
1992 Canon City, Colorado
1993 Sierra Vista, Arizona
1994 Abilene, Texas
1995 Montrose, Colorado
1996 Midland, Texas
1997 Ruidoso, New Mexico
1998 Alamogordo, New Mexico
1999 Mesquite, Texas
2000 Casper, Wyoming
2001 Sierra Vista, Arizona
2002 Abilene, Texas
2003 Hobbs, New Mexico
2004 Las Vegas, Nevada
2005 Lake Havasu City, Arizona
2006 Midland, Texas
2007 Hobbs, New Mexico
2008 Wichita Falls, Texas
2009 Shawnee, Oklahoma
2010 Carlsbad, New Mexico
2011 Lake Havasu City, Arizona
2012 Kilgore, Texas
2013 Alvin, Texas
2014 Branson, Missouri
2015 Clovis, New Mexico

ACA/NACA Past Presidents
1987 & 1988 Ernie Barbee
1989 Ed Polk
1990 Charlene Wurtz-Romero
1991 June Keys
1992 Keith Jobe/ Chuck Statler
1993 Chuck Statler
1994 Jim Murray
1995 Linda Newberry
1996 Alpha Quinn
1997 Linda Carpenter
1998 Gus Gauthier
1999 Kathy Hay
2000 Bob Fusco
2001 Brandi Hill
2002 Shelby Concotelli
2003 Ray Battaglini
2004 Rona Lee Price
2005 Doug Brabson
2006 Frank Sherman
2007 Jeni Coke
2008 Gussie Black
2009 Beverly Shortes
2010 Emily Waite
2011 Emily Waite
2012 Staci Carrell
2013 Staci Carrell
2014 Staci Carrell
2015 Steve Harmon

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